From days to minutes: How CAST achieved greater software intelligence with graph technology

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CAST provides products that generate software intelligence, with a technology based on semantic analysis of software source code and components. Their technology automatically
‘understands’ custom-built software systems and provides insights into their inner workings with MRI-like precision.

To achieve greater software intelligence, CAST needed a solution that could handle the complexities of today’s modern software systems in terms of both volume and performance. And for Olivier Bonsignour, Head of Product at CAST, leveraging Linkurious’ product, Ogma, an all-in-one JavaScript library for large-scale graph visualizations, helped them to achieve this much faster and with greater ease.

What you'll learn:

  • How CAST transforms data into software intelligence

  • How graph technology helped CAST meet high performance expectations

  • How CAST is delivering exceptional user experiences & driving success with graph technology

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“We could not do what we do today without this kind of technology and what we can achieve with Ogma in terms of display and aesthetics of the solution is important to our overall success.

Olivier Bonsignour | EVP, Product Development @ CAST

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