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20% more fraud detected. Visualize that.

BforBank Case Study
Is seeing believing? In a word, yes.

Discover how BforBank detected more fraud 10x faster with the next-generation of end-to-end financial crime investigation tools.

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Because a picture is worth a thousand words $239B.


Believe it or not, fraud costs organizations ~239B each year in lost revenue – and that number is climbing. That means you have to work faster, harder, and smarter than the criminals – ensuring your assets and your customers are safe.

At Linkurious, we believe your software should work the way you think – and on your terms. Our graph visualization solution takes on big data and even with the most complex fraud networks, turns it into simplified interactions to visualize what’s really going on. So you can catch more criminals, faster.

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*Refinitiv, The true cost of financial crime — a global report, 2018

The technology they won't see coming.

Linkurious unlocks the potential of your data by turning complex, oftentimes siloed information into a single network of entities and relationships. Our graph analytics approach allows investigation teams to identify new insights and fraud patterns, such as synthetic identities, referral fraud, and more in these networks, no matter how large or complex they are.


Expose threats with our graph-based alerts.

Go beyond simple business rules to detect suspicious links or complex patterns spanning across multiple types of entities and relationships.

Eliminate blindspots with a 360° view of your data.

Go beyond simple business rules to detect suspicious links or complex patterns spanning across multiple types of entities and relationships.Dynamically explore the direct and indirect relationships of clients, accounts, companies and other entities. Discover hidden connections and consider the full context to take more informed decisions.


"After a couple of months of use, the risk and compliance unit was able to detect several dozens of fraud cases and unveil complex fraud rings involving several fraudsters. Today, we use Linkurious technology to carry out daily investigations as part of the fight against bank fraud, first party fraud and money laundering."

- Alexander Dressayre, Compliance Officer at BforBank


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