Keeping Curious explores the big questions around technology and financial crime with insights and perspectives from leading experts in the field. Join us LIVE for each 25-minute video interview episode, and ask your own questions at the end.


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Episode 3

Open Ownership and OpenSanctions are two organizations working to facilitate data access to empower those fighting financial crime. In a live interview with Stephen Abbott Pugh and Friedrich Lindenberg, we’ll address some of the barriers around ownership and sanctions data, what they're doing to break them down, and the stories the data can tell us.

Episode 2

When it comes to financial crime risk, the ground is constantly shifting. What are likely to be the big challenges of tomorrow for financial institutions and other regulated industries? And what is the best way to meet them head-on? In this episode, we’ll look at what current trends can tell us about both the challenges & the solutions of tomorrow.

Episode 1

It’s no secret that the financial crime landscape is growing more and more complex all the time, and new digital currencies only complexify the picture further. How should financial institutions think about cryptocurrency risk and compliance today? What’s changing in the crypto compliance space, and how are things likely to evolve?

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