How Ria Money Transfer reduced investigation time for complex cases by 80%

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Ria Money Transfer is a major international money remittance company with in-person or online services available in 159 countries around the world. Like other organizations in the financial services sector, they are under constant pressure from regulators to prevent fraud and money laundering from occurring via their services.

Their business model comes with several inherent risks. Ria must monitor millions of transactions flowing internationally. And international money transfer is often a target of bad actors looking to launder dirty money. On top of this, they must monitor agents, their first line of defense, who may fall under the pressure of criminal organizations in some areas.

What you'll learn:

  • How Ria meets high regulatory expectations

  • How Ria has modernized their AML practice with graph technology

  • How Ria accelerated their investigations

  • What's next for Ria with Linkurious Enterprise

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“Linkurious Enterprise shows you things you have no other way to find. We are able to
identify patterns and ramifications of unusual transactions that were impossible to achieve with a
traditional approach.”

Miguel Aguado | Compliance Director Asia Pacific @ Ria Money Transfer

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