The Pandora Papers: Exposing Financial Crime with Graph Technology



From the Panama Papers to the Paradise Papers… and now the Pandora Papers! Will it ever end?

The world’s largest-ever journalistic endeavor undertaken by the ICIJ, the Pandora Papers involved more than 600 journalists from 150 media outlets in 117 countries. 

The ICIJ’s investigation into the Pandora Papers reveals the financial secrets of global power players who, instead of working to take down offshore systems, have been benefiting from these systems by hiding their assets in covert companies and trusts. 


  • The inside story of the Pandora Papers investigation
  • How the ICIJ used graph analytics to identify complex relationships between people and companies across different offshore firms
  • How to apply this same technology to other cases of illicit money flow

Plus, we'll do a demo with real data from the investigation on the use of Neo4j and Linkurious to expose money laundering.



Miguel Fiandor Gutierrez

Data Engineer at ICIJ


Emilia Diaz Struck

Data & Research Editor at ICIJ


Jean Villedieu

Managing Director at Linkurious


Michael Hunger

Senior Director, User Innovation at Neo4j


Dr. Maya Natarajan

Senior Director, Knowledge Graphs at Neo4j

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