Unlocking the power of AI for unstructured data with integrated link analysis


Data volumes are growing at blinding speeds, creating both amazing opportunities for organizations, but also adding complexity. The opportunity to address complex problems across your data silos and the need to understand relationships and context within vast amounts of unstructured data to generate actionable insights has never been greater.

Linkurious and in collaboration with our technology partner, Nuix, invite you to join our upcoming webinar to discover how analysts and investigators can tap into the wealth of unstructured data by leveraging NLP, AI and graph technologies in an integrated cost efficient link analysis solution.

This live session will cover:
  • How to leverage Nuix NLP AI to empower and unlock the power of link analysis on complex connected data
  • How to prioritize and analyze related data based on entity or relationship risk/significance
  • How to enable users to scale, derive actionable insights from data to reduce operational costs and improve overall efficiency
  • A showcase on best practices based on data breach and fraud use cases


Stephen Stewart_Headshot

Stephen Stewart

Stephen focuses on the convergence of product, technology, and customer needs to help solve difficult data challenges. Stephen has been the CTO at Nuix for over 15 years, with previous experience at EMC and Commvault where he was a subject matter expert on enterprise archiving, compliance and discovery. Stephen can code just enough to be dangerous and is constantly pushing the boundaries of where Nuix Technology can be applied to all manner of data-smashing challenges.


Jean Villedieu

Jean is the co-founder and Managing Director at Linkurious. Over the years, he has worked with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to help them find insights in complex connected data. Previously, he worked in the consulting industry. Jean double-majored in both political sciences and competitive intelligence.